Staff Excellence award winners able to attend the ceremony, L to R: Jack Wang, David Rosolen, Rochelle Soo, Elizabeth Krenske, Robert Lang and Jy Chartres.
The top-performing tutors of first semester 2017 who were able to attend the ceremony.

The School's fourth annual staff excellence awards ceremony was held 1 November 2017 along with a ceremony to recognise the top-performing tutors of first semester 2017.

Excellence Awardees were nominated by staff and assessed against published criteria by a panel constituted for each prize. 

Each winning individual or group received a framed certificate, a $300 retail gift voucher and a 3D print of a perpetual trophy. 

The perpetual trophies are displayed on Level 3 of the Chemistry Building, adjacent to the School reception desk.  Each trophy is a glass representation of a molecule, made by UQ Glassblowing Services within the School.  The winners of each year's four primary awards are displayed on a panel next to each trophy.  The first molecule trophy that was blown was Dopamine.  Hence the awards are known locally as 'The Dopeys'.

The 2017 winners are:

  • Outstanding Contribution to Education - Jack Wang
  • Outstanding Contribution to Reserach - Elizabeth Krenske
  • Oustanding Contribution to Engagement - Gary Schenk
  • Oulstanding Contribution to Service  - The Chemistry Second and Third Level Courses Teaching Laboratory Services Team - David Roselen, Robert Lang and Jy Chartres
  • High Impact Research Achievement by an Early Career Researcher - Rochelle Soo
  • Higher Degree by Research Supervision Excellence - Bostjan Kobe

The ceremony also recognised the efforts of the top tutors from first semester 2017, as measured by scored feedback from students and staff.  Winners received a $50 Coles-Myer voucher and a certificate.  They are:

  • Kylie AGNEW-FRANCIS for CHEM3001 (and a previous winner)
  • Imogen BERMINGHAM  for MICR3002 (and a previous winner)
  • Jed BURNS for CHEM3001 (and a previous winner)
  • Gareth DOHERTY for CHEM1200
  • Wai Soon ENG for BIOC7004
  • Clare FLAKELAR for CHEM1100
  • Jozef KISTEMAKER for CHEM1100
  • Janina LADWIG for CHEM1100
  • Soi LAW for BIOL3003 Practicals
  • Meepa LOKUGE for BIOC2000 ALLURE (and a previous winner)
  • Joseph LOVIE-TOON for CHEM1100
  • Tatiana MURESHEVA for CHEM1100
  • Arti SINGH for CHEM3001 (and a previous winner)
  • Emily STRONG for MICR3003
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