researchers in the lab

Looking to enhance your degree with some research experience?

Want to work with researchers on laboratory projects?

There are a number of opportunities available.

Undergraduate Science Research Experience section

Molecular Cloning of Microbial Genes in MICR3003: Molecular Microbiology

- You will identify and isolate microbial genes implicated as drug targets and/or potential vaccine antigens

- Your work in these practical classes directly correlates to real Microbiology research projects

- You will develop professional scientific skills to prepare you for Honours and postgraduate research programs

Pathogen Identification and Clinical Diagnostics in MICR2000: Microbiology & Immunology

- You will learn and apply laboratory techniques used in identifying microbial pathogens in infectious and immunological diseases

- The practical classes will allow you to develop research skills readily applicable to biotechnology, biomedical, and clinical workplaces

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences Student Internship

Science is not about working alone – it’s about working with a group of people towards a common goal. The Internship is a long-term association of a student with a particular research or service group in the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences. Cadets who complete their program receive UQ Advantage credit.

Winter Research Program

Research projects are available in many disciplines for between 4-6 weeks over the winter vacation period (from mid-June to mid-July).

Science students are brewing knowledge

The School has begun a beer brewing research project for third-year chemical engineering and science students.

Summer Research Scholarship Program

-Qualify for a scholarship – $300 per week for 8 weeks

-Select a project to work on in as an intern in a research team’s lab over the summer vacation

-Count towards your degree where possible

-Years 2 to Honours students can apply between June and August each year

Advanced Study Program in Science

-By invitation to high-achieving students

SCIE3260/1 – Introduction to Research in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Microbiology

-#2 credit towards your degree

-Develop core research skills in an individual or group research project

-Can be taken as a summer vacation course or in semesters 1 or 2

CASPiE – Lab based undergraduate research experience in CHEM1020 – Chemistry for Science and Engineering

-Students can opt into an alternative lab route that involves one extra lab session compared to traditional CHEM1020 lab route

-Adapted from research modules developed at the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education at Purdue University, USA

-Students identify their own research question and design experiments (no predetermined outcomes)

ALLURE in BIOC2000: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

-You can work with your peers in a supported environment

-ALLURE lets you do a real research project in the undergraduate laboratories

-Students can opt into ALLURE instead of the regular practical sessions (LEAPS). LEAPS and ALLURE involve similar time demands in lab and for assessment

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