Tegan StockdaleFor Tegan Stockdale, diving in and studying hard was only part of her formula to achieve a successful experience at UQ.

Besides striving for academic excellence, this Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science graduate also advocates the importance of social experience in university life.

“Join the clubs and societies, go on exchange, become a tutor,” Miss Stockdale said.

“Balance and time management are key.”

During her undergraduate studies, Miss Stockdale received numerous awards in both law and science, including the Dr M.H.M Kidwai Memorial Prize (2011) for the highest mark in Administrative Law, the Howden Saggers Lawyers Prize in Criminal Procedure (2012), Susan Hamilton Second Year Biochemistry Prize (2013), and TGH Jones Award for Academic Excellence in Chemistry (2014).

However, it was her undergraduate research experience, while studying a dual major in chemistry and biochemistry in her science degree, that inspired her to choose to do an Honours year.

“I jumped at the opportunities and took part in undergraduate research projects such as CASPiE, CURE, ALLURE and the Advanced Study Program in Science,” she said.

“I went along to the Stradbroke Island mentoring camp and, later returned to the camp as a mentor.”

In 2015, Miss Stockdale commenced her Honours program in Chemistry, focusing on assessing the bioavailability of potentially bioactive compounds in herbal extracts of traditional medicines.

“Research is exciting, but also challenging, because there is no 'right answer',” she said.

“In fact, sometimes what you find gives you more interesting questions than when you started.”

As for her future plans, Miss Stockdale will be commencing her PhD in Chemistry with Professor James De Voss.

“I would eventually like to work internationally, in lecturing and researching,” she said.

“Ultimately, I would like to be the kind of inspiring professor that helped lead me to where I am today.”

Miss Stockdale was one of the guest speakers at the recent SCMB Graduation Celebration Afternoon Tea.

Photos of the event can be viewed on the School’s Facebook page.

Image: Tegan Stockdale at the SCMB Graduation Celebration Afternoon Tea. Miss Stockdale graduated with a First Class Honours degree on that day.

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