At his graduation with Honours, Andrew Turner reflected on his time so far at UQ...

"My earliest memories of UQ are as a toddler, attending the campus kindergartens and playing in the grounds near the lakes under the watchful eye of my parents, both UQ medical graduates," said Andrew.

"My mother worked in the School of Medicine as a lecturer and later became an associate professor of psychiatry."

At high school Andrew visited the campus on occasion to participate in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute titration competitions, achieving a winning score.

"It was these early experiences and UQ's exeception reputation that made my decision to study at UQ easy," he said.

Andrew started his Bachelor of Science with the intention of studying developmental biology but lost interest in physiology.  He enrolled in one, and then more microbiology courses and discovered that he had a passion for studying reagents of infectious diseases.

"I studied all the microbiology subjects I could in the last year of my degree", said Andrew, "and I loved them all.

"My passion for discovery and love of research really took off from this point in my degree:  I was hooked."

Andrew went on to his Honours year, examining the metallobiology of group A streptococcus.

"Honours was a fantastic year for me", he said.  "It extended my knowledge and I was employed as a tutor."

"I entered a poster in the School's annual symposium for research students and was surprised to win the Honours student category."

Andrew said that he was fortunate to be sponsored by his Honours supervisor to attend an interstate conference on infection and immunity.

"The surprise for me at this conference was that my poster won another prize, this time competing with PhD students from across Australia", said Andrew.

Andrew has himself become a PhD student in SCMB, serving as an enthusiastic member of the School's Research Students Advisory Committee.

Image:  Andrew Turner (right) with fellow SCMB Honours graduate, James Fraser.

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