PhD student Crystal Higgs has received an Australian Rotary Health Scholarship to support her research into Alzheimer's Disease.Crystayl Higgs discusses her research with her sponsors

The scholarship provides funding for Ms Higgs to carry out a research project entitled "The Role of the Vesicular Glutamate and GABA Transporters in Alzheimer’s Disease",  under the supervision of Associate Professor Peter Dodd.

Dr Dodd is a biochemistry reader and lecturer and heads a research laboratory in the SCMB investigating human neurodegenerative diseases.

He is also the director of the Queensland Brain Bank of human neurological disorders, which facilitates Ms Higgs's research.

The scholarship, initiated by Rotary members Chris and Gerry Ellis, and co-funded by The University of Queensland as a UQ Research Scholarship, was celebrated at a presentation at St Lucia in April 2010.

"It is Gerry and my privilege to be able to set a smart young person on the path to a productive life", said Mr Ellis.

"Hopefully Crystal will find something of relevance to the broader community during her research career".

The concept of Australian Rotary Health is to raise donations and invest this money to provide grants for worthy research projects in the medical and health arenas.

Each Australian Rotary Health Scholarship is the result of collaboration between private donors, Australian Rotary Health, and an institutional partner.

To find out more, visit the Australian Rotary Health website.

Photo: Crystal Higgs thanks Chris Ellis, Russ O'Malley and Gerry Ellis from Rotary

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