Russel came from Singapore to do a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Genetics and Biomedical Science.

"I enrolled at UQ because of its international prestige and it's first-class research equipment and facilities, and my first impressions on arrival were excellent", he said.

"The student population is very multi-cultural and being an international student, this made me feel very much at home.

"I stayed in on-campus accommodation at first, which helped me settle into the new environment quickly."

Russel went on to do an Honours degree in Microbiology and now is taking a PhD.

"I won an international student Honours scholarship from UQ Science and received a Dean's Commendation for High Achievement", said Russel, who is a member of the Student Consultative Committee in the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.

Russel believes that studying at UQ had made him an extremely independent person - a vital attribute for his future career plans.

"The support I received throughout my studies has been tremendous", he said, "and I plan to apply for a post-doctoral research position in Europe."

Russel said that UQ had presented him with multiple opportunities, enabling him to fulfil his dream of carving out a career in research.