Rebecca Johnston undertook her undergraduate studies elsewhere in Brisbane, but chose to come to The University of Queensland to complete Honours in Biochemistry.

She is currently completing her project investigating the stability of non-coding RNA under the supervision of John Mattick, based at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, St Lucia.

Rebecca decided to undertake Honours to give her the qualification and experience she needs to pursue her research interests in molecular biology.

"Whether I choose to pursue a career in academic research, or science within an industry or the government sector, an honours degree is crucial. The practical experience will be invaluable and I believe it will give me an edge compared to those with a straight bachelor degree without honours", said Rebecca.

“Looking back, I am very glad I chose to complete Honours. I am lucky enough to be part of an incredible research team; everyone in Group Mattick is very intelligent, eager to assist, and not to mention great company.

Honours year has turned out to be very different to what I expected, but definitely for the better!”

Rebecca hopes that on completing her Honours degree, she will have developed experience, knowledge and contacts in relevant fields of research.

It's this last goal that has been easiest to achieve during her studies.

"Every staff member I have met is extremely motivated and passionate about what they do, which is so encouraging", said Rebecca.

"UQ has so much to offer, and all of the services it provides are of the highest quality, including the learning facilities, support, and entertainment.

The campus itself has the most beautiful surroundings too, so altogether it makes for a wonderful atmosphere. I couldn’t expect any more from a university really."

Image: Rebecca with her prize-winning poster at the UQ Undergraduate Research Conference held in September 2011.




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