Noor Dashti won a scholarship in her native Kuwait and chose UQ to study science because of its international reputation.

Majoring in genetics with a special interest in virology and immunology, Noor chose science because she found it interesting and saw it as something that can change the world for the better.

"The material we are taught is always up-to-date based on the latest research", said Noor, "and I enjoy learning about things that affect all of us.

"The staff are passionate about their areas of expertise and give interesting talks", she said.

Noor said that the staff are very encouraging and offer help when needed, "but rather than giving you the answers, they point you in the direction of learning for yourself".

"I found this challenging at first, but UQ teaches you to be an independent thinker", she said.

Noor, who is a member of the Student Consultative Committee in the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences, said the highlight of her time at UQ has been doing virology research as part of her undergraduate studies.

"I hope to go on to do the Honours year and then I will see what happens - I would love to work overseas one day", she said.