Lucy Weaver had many interests throughout high school (mainly science and the performing arts) and began her tertiary studies in a dual science/arts degree. But in second year she decided to focus on science with a view to doing a chemistry major, which was her real passion.

"Many members of my family have attended UQ in the past and encouraged me to enrol there", says Lucy.  "When I arrived, my first impression was that the campus was big and well groomed! Looks aside, everyone on campus seemed to be quite friendly and through classes and life at Duchesne College I was able to meet lots of people and get involved in many extracurricular acitivities."

Lucy undertook a BSc, graduating with Honours and going on to enrol in a PhD where she is undertaking research in organic chemistry.

"There are many great facets of support gained by studying at UQ. From learning support in the form of peer assisted study sessions (PASS), to financial support in the form of scholarships and travel grants" observes Lucy.

"Most academic staff at UQ are friendly and willing to help students learn. Particularly in the Science field, they are more than happy to give interested students the opportunity to become part of their research team. This allows the student to gain valuable laboratory experience whilst at the same time contributing in some way towards the research program itself."

Lucy hopes to continue scientific research after she graduates, either in academia or industry.

"Studying science at a post-graduate level by research has really equipped me with the skills required to conduct research independently, as well as work collaboratively in a team environment. UQ provided me with many of the facilities and support I needed to gain such skills which I hope will aid me in down the path of my future career", she says.

When she's not mixing up chemicals in the lab, Lucy says she likes to cook up an exotic storm in the kitchen.  "I also really love playing my guitar and attending live music concerts in my spare time, not to mention playing social sports, joining in fun runs, watching live sport (in particular rugby union and tennis)."

To those thinking of coming to UQ, Lucy says there is a wide variety of students from very different backgrounds and cultures. "This community ultimately gives the campus an harmonious feel to it and makes coming to uni everyday that bit more enjoyable.

"I say to give UQ a go - if you're anything like me, you'll keep coming back for more!"