lucas_gohLucas Goh thinks that it is not only the academic environment that makes UQ attractive, but its human side.

"UQ seemed to me a very established University with an extremely rich history and reputation. Several of my former polytechnic lecturers back in Singapore were from UQ. They were always promoting UQ, encouraging us to pursue our degree here", says Lucas.

"Their methods of teaching were practical, yet uniquely engrossing, exhibiting the qualities of graduates from the University. Since then, a massive group of us were certain we were heading to UQ for our degree!"

Lucas came to do Biotechnology at UQ and has stayed on to do a PhD, being awarded scholarship assistance.  He says that students are treated with respect - allowed the freedom to express their feelings about campus policies and organisational structures.  And when students need support, assistance is available.

"During the 2011 Brisbane flood, my accomodation was affected.  The University provided me with some much-needed financial help (and ensured that psychological assistance would be available as well if required), and tireless student volunteers from the UQ Union were there to help physically too. I was extremely touched by the Australian spirit."

Lucas says that his UQ training has taught him how to handle pressure and learn from one's mistakes.

"We are taught not only to analyse and intepret results, but how to be creative, thinking out of the box, thus improving on what we already have and unlocking a myriad of ideas and possibilities.

"UQ has equipped me with a set of skills for the real world."