Like a number of students, Carly Lim started a Science degree with a view to changing to another program like Dentistry of Speech Pathology.  But then she changed her mind.

"I stuck to a BSc because I realised I wanted flexibility in my career choices", says Carly, who has gone on to complete Honours in Chemical Sciences.

Looking forward to travelling after graduating, Carly is not sure yet what career she will embark upon, but she is sure that UQ has prepared her well.  "I think I have accumulated a lot of skills that will serve me well into the future", she says.  "UQ has prepared me for life-long learning - given me the skills to acquire more skills."

Carly says that she was attracted to UQ by its good reputation, beautiful campus, sociable and welcoming environment, and exceptional facilities.

"My first impression of UQ was that it looked like an incredibly vibrant and welcoming place to study", says Carly.  "I didn't even bother going to other university open days because it felt right to be aiming for UQ."

Carly says the student environment on campus is one of UQ's greatest attributes.  "Some might find it daunting because there are so many students, but in my experience, meeting new people and making friends has been very rewarding.

"I've always been a little shy, but the student environment has helped me come out of my shell.  I can say I've made life-long friends, which is wonderful."

Carly has found the academic staff at UQ very approachable.  "They are relaxed but still professional and, most importantly, knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to lessons", she says.

When not studying, Carly is a member of the UQ beach volleyball club and the Society fo Undergraduate Science Students, which arranges social events like BBQs and a ball.

If she had the job of persuading her friends to come to UQ, Carly says she would tell them that it is a fantastic journey if you want excellence, friendship and a sense of community, and to be part of something brilliant.

"This is a university you can enjoy attending every day."