The First Year Chemistry Teaching Team last night was honoured in the 2016 University of Queensland Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

UQ Provost Professor Aidan Byrne presented the team with an award for Programs that Enhance Learning at Brisbane’s Customs House.

Team members are: (Associate Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie, Dr Denise Adams, Dr Andrew Allsebrook, Fiona Arbuthnot, Dr Sue Bennett, Associate Professor Joanne Blanchfield, Dr Bruce D’Arcy, Professor James De Voss, Tammie Fair, Professor Mary Garson, Husnaa Khan, Dr Efpraxia Kartsonaki, Associate Professor Ross McGeary, Katherine Raymont, Associate Professor Mark Riley, David Rosolen, and Dr Philip Sharpe)

Watch the team discuss their research.

Their synopsis read:

“Over 3500 students enrol in first year chemistry (FYC) annually at UQ and they represent up to 47 different programs of study.

“These student cohorts are diverse in terms of their academic preparation, academic ability and career aspirations.  

“Seeded through a curriculum review process that was initiated in 2012, a large team of academic and professional staff have collaborated, as the FYC Teaching Team, since then to deliver the unique FYC program.

“The FYC program was designed through engagement with program representatives from multiple faculties to ensure learning progressions that would maximise student learning outcomes from a suite of five courses (CHEM1090, CHEM1100, CHEM1200, CHEM1221, CHEM1222) across three semesters.

“The FYC curriculum has been developed to embed innovative teaching practices, informed by research literature, including technology enhanced assessment and undergraduate research experiences.

“An innovative and sustained team approach to communication and reflective practices has generated evidence that an adaptive and responsive program has been established that enhances student learning through flexible and multimodal delivery of learning environments, assessment and learning support.

“The outcome is a strong and successful FYC program that enhances student learning.”

For details of all award winners read the UQ News story.

Pictured: some of the winning team at the Customs House ceremony.

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