Date Time Venue Presenter Title
Thursday 6th April 1:00pm 68-306 Timothy Vanden Berg Total synthesis of diterpenoids from Croton insularis
Wednesday 15th March 1:00pm 68-306 Sean Lai Computationally reconstructing evolutionary constraints on function and structure to understand diverse protein families
Thursday 23rd February 1:00pm 68-306 Mark Turner Characterising genes for roles in Fusarium Crown ROT resistance using Brachypodium distachyon
Wednesday 22nd February 2:00pm 68-306 Isobella Stone TBA
Tuesday 21st February 1:00pm 68-306 Gabriel Foley TBA
Thursday 16th February  3:30pm 68-306 Ibrahim Almutairi Patent Portfolio Constructionism in Biopharmaceuticals Lifecycle Management
Thursday 16th Februray 3:00pm 76-363A Andrew Hedger Characterisation of higher-order assembly signalling in Toll-like receptor pathways
Thursday 16th February 1:00pm 68-306 Raine Thomson Identification of protein sequence elements that confer thermostability in CYP2 family forms
Thursday 9th February 3:30pm 68-306 Clara Lawler How does Type 1 interferon work against γ-herpesvirus infections
Thursday 9th February 1:00pm 68-306 Faith Nanyonga Novel strategy to enhance Flavivirus and Alphavirus vaccine efficacy
Tuesday 7th February 1:00pm 68-306 Kurt Harris Engineering cytochrome P450 enzymes for industry through ancestral reconstruction
Tuesday 7th February 11:00am 68-415 Alexandra Essebier A computational analysis of transcription factor interactions and binding guided by epigenetics
Tuesday 7th February 10:00am 76-363A Imanda Jayawardena Development of immunodiffusion assays as point of care diagnostic devices


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