A scientist and a school child in a lab

There are a number of activities available to school students and teachers interested in Chemistry and Molecular  Biosciences, listed below.

Please note that due to resource constraints, the School is generally unable to offer work experience placements for school students, particulary in working research laboratories. However, if a student is able to find a staff member who is willing to host the student and develop a program of activities for the visit, then the School will consider a placement.

Primary and secondary school activities section


Children of all ages and adults are amazed when members of the School and their UQ colleauges perform science magic shows. To see a recording of the...

Primary School Students and Teachers

Resources The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences supports ongoing voluntary links between its academic staff and teachers, borne out of the now-superseded S...

Secondary School Students and Teachers

Experience Science A chance for Years 10-12 students to attend university lectures and a choice of hands-on workshops facilitated by expert staff.  Offered in the school holidays each July.  More
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