Users are responsible for obtaining suitably-purified and diluted genomic DNA or cDNA samples, and setting up their own reaction tubes.

We will give advice on how best to do this and avoid the many pitfalls that can bedevil the uninitiated.

In general, you will require:

  • DNA or cDNA samples free of "Taq inhibitor", e.g. typically ~20 ng cDNA / 5 μL
  • Primer solutions, typically 1uM but requires optimization.
  • TaqMan probe (if required), typically 2uM but requires optimization.
  • Master mix kit containing a suitable Taq DNA polymerase and buffer.

For consistent results from run to run, we recommend you choose a commercial kit rather than prepare your own, despite this representing the largest single cost for accessing this technology.

Consult Michael Nefedov for advice, Reaction tubes/strips/plates.