The Facility provides clients with access to state-of-the-art instruments for monitoring fluorescence during the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

We offer advice on how to apply this technology to your research needs, including the different chemistries and reagents/consumables available, primer and probe design, optimization of assays, quantitation methods, and provide training in the use of the instruments and data analysis.

PCR plates or tubes, SYBR Green and Taqman (ABI) are available from the Facility at 40% discount.

A clean room, hood, multichannel pipettes, filter tips, plasticware, SYBR & TAQMAN reagents are available for setting up the PCR assays.

  • Four PC computers with software.
  • Primer Express for primer/probe design.
  • SDS (Sequence Detection Software) for analysis of data from ABI7900 runs.
  • ViiA7 RUO software for analysis of data from ViiA7 runs with a license for your personal PC.

Please download and fill-in SCMB KEY/CARD AUTHORISATION FORM, see Michael Nefedov,

RISQ is required fot non-SCMB UQ customers or Purchase Order for others

Phone: 336-51833; 0427428089 for accessing the facility, data analysis software