Real-Time PCR Facility section

The Technique

Quantitative "real time" PCR (qPCR) measures the accumulation of fluorescent DNA amplification products as they are generated during each cycling step of a polymerase chain reaction.

RTPCR Facilities available

We offer advice on how to apply this technology to your research needs, including the different chemistries and reagents/consumables available, primer and probe design, optimization of assays, quantitation methods, and provide training in the use of the instruments and data analysis.

Booking instructions

Instruments on-line Booking System is available.

Detection Chemistries

The two chemistries used most frequently in our Facility are SYBR Green dye and TaqMan fluorogenic probes.

Sample and set-up requirements

Users are responsible for obtaining suitably-purified and diluted genomic DNA or cDNA samples, and setting up their own reaction tubes. We will give advice on how best to do this and avoid the many pitfalls that can bedevil the uninitiated.

Analysis of data

We will give advice on appropriate experimental design and data analysis strategies, and how to set up spread sheets to process data.


Click the link above to email us, phone 07-336-54006; 336-51833 or 0427428089 or go to Molecular Biosciences Building (#76) room 521.

Charges for use

Available to non-SCMB members on application to Michael Nefedov. Members of the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences, click the link above to visit the intranet.

SCMB RT-PCR demo video

A basic demonstration via You Tube video of how to use the simpler aspects of SCMB's RT-PCR facilities.

All-inclusive RTPCR service