Year seven students from Durack State School visited SCMB research laboratories on 9 September.A group of high school children in a lab

While at SCMB, the students were hosted by Steve Barker and Maryam Ashrafi, who work with Durack State School as part of the CSIRO's Scientists in Schools program.

This program is a learning experience that allows scientists and schools to work together across Australia in flexible, professional partnerships.

Steve has been involved with Durack State School for ten years, and he makes sure that he visits each class at least once a year.

Most of his contact is with the grade sevens, whose science class he attends each week.  He's also on call to help out other teachers as requested.

The students learnt about microscopy (lice and ticks), undertook an electrophoresis experiment and examined body lice and rabbits and toured Bernie Carroll's greenhouse.

While they were at UQ, the students also visitted The R D Milns Antiquities Museum and explored the Great Court.

"Playing with the chemicals was the best part" said Ruth, one of the visiting students.

When asked what she wants to do when she finishes high school, Ruth said "I think it would be fun to come here".


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