On Sunday 1 August, The University of Queensland welcomed visitors to its St Lucia campus.

Hundreds of prospective students and their families took the opportunity to find out more about studying within the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.

Academic staff were on hand at the UQ Centre to answer questions about studying and researching at UQ.

Laboratory excercises in the Chemistry Building provided a fun way for school students to learn about cross-linked polymers, ferrofluids, DNA extraction and much more.

Families attended two performances of the experimental show "It's Magic and It's Chemistry", which spectacularly demonstrated the power of chemistry.

Performances of the experimental show "It's Magic and It's Chemistry"

Audience of It's Magic and It's Chemistry show

Performace of It's Magic and It's Chemistry
Partipants experimenting with ferrofluids Young man with microscope
Experimenting with ferrofluids Looking into the world of parasites

Making slime: the coolest cross-linked polymer around!

a group of young people playing with slime

A man helps a little girl extract DNA

CSI UQ: visitors extract DNA to identify the perpetrator of a hypothetical crime

Two visitors and a tutor at the DNA extraction activity