Hundreds of prospective students, their parents, friends and members of the public visited the School of Chemistry & Molecular Sciences' display as part of the 2009 UQ Open Day St Lucia.  There were plenty of hands-on activities and interesting displays and demonstrations.  The event showed that not only can Science be fun, it has many practical applications relevant to modern careers.

Tutor, Ania Wronski, helps visitors solve the UQ CSI mystery, using DNA extraction.       

Hugo Hayes discovers how nanotechnology patterning works.
Ryan Hulin-Bobart looks at body lice through the microscope as part of the parasites display.
Renee Teys, Lauren Cooper and Jessica Mitchell make their own take-away slime, learning about the way chemical compounds interact.
Tutors Jakov Kulis and Anneke Dorgelo demonstrate the power of liquid nitrogen in the popular 'Frozen Moments' show.
What happens when liquid nitrogen is combined with dishwashing detergent?

That's not really his frozen finger that he just hit with a hammer, is it?
Making interesting shapes with a magnet and ferrofluid.
Instant Elephant's Toothpaste! - Sharna Graham demonstrates the results of combining particular chemicals.  



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