The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences has been successful in securing significant funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grants.

The Federal Government significantly boosted the NHMRC grants this year, with a total $673 million in research funding announced yesterday, compared to $447.5 million last year.

Head of School, Professor Melissa Brown, wishes to congratulate members of the School on their success.

Project Grants

Juliet French
$ 586,010
Functional Analysis of breast cancer susceptibility regions

Alex Khromykh
$ 528,675
Role of flavivirus-encoded small regulatory RNAs to virus-mosquito vector interactions

Luke Guddat
$ 483,585
An integrated study of acyclic nucleoside phosphates as antimalarial drugs

Pavla Simerska
$ 301,175
Development of carbohydrate-based self-adjuvenating vaccine delivery system

Jason Cole
$ 506,010
Characterising the molecular pathogenesis of newly emergent invasive group A streptococcus M-1 serotypes in Australia

Paul Young
$ 562,350
Activation of the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein

UQCCR Tim Walsh (Mark Schembri, Scott Beatson)
Evolution and pathogenicity of NDM-1 positive Escherichia coli

Career Development Fellowship

Ben Schulz
$ 391,076
Sugar-coated bacteria: how and why pathogens decorate themselves with sugars

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