Professor Paul YoungFrom the Head of School

Welcome to the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB) newsletter.

We have some brilliant stories to share from the first half of this year, including awards, media highlights and cutting-edge research.

First of all, I’m delighted to report that our academics have been winning plenty of awards in the last few months. Notable mentions, among many, include Dr Kirsty Short winning a national Science and Innovation Award, Professor Paul Burn being awarded a Helmholtz International Fellowship, Professor Bostjan Kobe being named a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and Professor Mary Garson receiving a Leadership Award in the recent 2018 UQ Excellence Awards. To all of our award winners on and off this list, thank you for making us proud to be part of this wonderful School. We look forward to seeing what amazing discoveries and contributions you make next.

We’ve also been making waves in the media. In the last six months, our researchers have been mentioned in the media 276 times which equates to over 2.1 million views. We’re excited to be part of some of Australia’s biggest public conversations.

Be sure to take part in some of the fantastic upcoming events, including the TGH Jones Memorial Lecture, featuring Professor Stephen Matlin from the International Organization for Chemical Sciences and Imperial College, London, the Skerman Lecture, featuring Professor Edward Holmes from The University of Sydney, and our upcoming Alumni and Graduand celebration events.

And on a sombre note, I would like to make special mention of Dr Joe Baker, who sadly passed in January, leaving a formidable legacy, and knowledge, of marine plants and animals. Dr Baker had an illustrious career, beginning at the University College of Townsville (then an annex of UQ), and was known for his keen wit and warm heart. He is deeply missed, and my condolences for his family, friends, colleagues and the many students he inspired.

Paul Young
Professor and Head of School
School of Chemistry & Molecular Bioscience

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