A group of high school science teachers have enhanced their professional development through practical training in microbiology techniques provided by the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences.

A workshop was held as part of the Science Teachers Association of Queensland Conference, hosted at UQ's St Lucia campus in November 2009.

The main emphasis was on safety in the laboratory.  Associate Lecturer Elwyn Oldfield, who presented the workshop, drew participants' attention to safe techniques for handling bacteria, adequate supervision of students and appropiate procedures for discarding material.

Participants were also able to develop skills in preparing media for growing, observing and keeping bacteria.

"I came along to this workshop to experience something new", said Michelle McIver, from Mansfield State High School. "The best part was finding out about the different ways of preparing media for growing bacteria.  It's all very interesting."

UQ's School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences holds an additional in-depth workshops for Science Teachers in February of each year.  For details, click here

(Photo: Science teachers practise preparing stains for microscopy)


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