The facility is located in Lab 414 of the Molecular Biosciences Building and is available to all trained SCMB research staff and students. The SCMB Tissue Culture Facility provides:

  • Two Class II Biological Safety Cabinets.
  • Nikon TMS inverted bright-field microscope.
  • Sigma bench top centrifuge for 15ml and 50ml falcon tubes.
  • Two Integra VACUSIP vacuum-based aspiration systems are provided for tissue culture vessel evacuation.
  • Three 170 L Incubators for routine tissue culture work.
  • One 200 L Incubator with UV sterilized humidity pan and IR CO2 for more critical tissue culture applications.
  • All incubators are fitted with 8mm laminated glass shelving to minimize vibration.
  • Waste containers, 70% ethanol and 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution are provided.

A general Tissue Culture risk assessment is provided for reference (#2786).  Individuals should prepare their own risk assessment for the work to be undertaken within the Facility.

Incubator content sheets and the Facility log book should be completed by all users.

The OGTR grey folder must be completed by all users of the Facility and all users must adhere to PC2 requirements.

Training in Tissue culture techniques is available for all new users.

Enquiries and further information:

Dr Steven Mason, Rms 76-404A & 76-409,
Molecular Biosciences Building.
Phone: 33654872



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