Julia Stuthe
Degree/s and major from UQ: BSc Hons (Chemistry) 1999, Doctor of Philosophy 2008

Julia Stuthe completed her BSc (Honours) in Chemistry at UQ and then studied pharmacy in Germany for two years before returning to UQ to complete a PhD.

"In addition to the science knowledge, my studies allowed me to develop a great number of additional, transferrable skills, including initiative, teamwork, reporting and presentation skills, advanced problem solving and an appreciation of business processes.”

“Through a large number of student volunteering opportunities I also developed good public engagement and organising skills,” she said.

Her passion for science communication led her to a career in scientific publishing at Wiley in Germany in 2007.

"In my initial role as commissioning editor, I was responsible for acquisitioning new content for chemistry books," said Julia.

"My work involved many university visits, speaking with lecturers and studying student surveys. What I really came to realise is just what a great education I and my fellow students received at UQ, with excellent lecturers going beyond the syllabus to give us a broad education.

"I also came to realise just what a fantastic campus St Lucia is. Not just in aesthetics, but the facilities, both in the labs and for the extracurricular activities offered."

"My contacts from UQ have served me well professionally too. The UQ global network is extensive and being able to mention a UQ name that both I and a potential author know is a great ice-breaker," said Julia.
In 2012, Julia returned to Australia and accepted the role of Books Publishing Director at CSIRO Publishing in Melbourne. She is responsible for CSIRO Publishing’s books program, covering all fields of science, with publications ranging from children’s science books and accessible popular science books, to specialist monographs.

Julia has recently accepted the position of Director Pharmaceutical and Biotech Markets at Springer Nature based in Germany and commence this role in June 2016.

"My studies helped me to develop my analytical thinking and more broadly the ability to understand a range of scientific and engineering concepts beyond the chemistry which I specialised in.

"It really is such a privilege to have enjoyed a UQ education. It provided me with an excellent balance between world class scientific and transferrable skills, both of which I really enjoy in my current role in the scientific publishing industry."

Image: Julia Stuthe with Terry Slevin, at the Cancer Council offices, Melbourne, Victoria, for launch of a book edited by Terry Slevin.