Looking for a good-quality student to work for you as part of their studies or in their vacation or perhaps during a semester off from studies?
We have a number of success stories of students who have done industry projects for assessment or taken a break to get work experience, sometimes getting job offers before they graduate.
Top performing Biotechnology students at undergraduate and postgraduate level undertake courses during semester that include an industry placement project, some of which are obtained via the CEED program.  Science students can take a summer semester course with an industry component, being paid a scholarship along the way.
We offer opportunities for our Honours students to complete a more-substantial project as part of their final year, including payment of a $2,000 or more scholarship - see one example here.
Some students who do a 'sandwich' semester of work experience obtain placements via the Future Scientists program run by Kelly Scientific.
If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of hosting a student for an industry project with co-supervision by one of our academic staff, contact Associate Professor Vito Ferro.