Welcome to the SCMB research higher degree student pages. We support promising students by providing outstanding research training opportunities in a dynamic and stimulation research environment with access to cutting-edge scientific facilities.

As a PhD or MPhil student in SCMB you join a team whose unique cross-disciplinary expertise in the chemical and molecular life sciences is recognised nationally and internationally for its quality and output, for its commercialisation of discoveries, and for its success in attracting research fellowships, grants, prizes and awards. SCMB research addresses a range of key challenges in our changing world from clean energy to the prevention and mitigation of disease. SCMB research themes.

In SCMB we host a large diverse group of young researchers from around the world. Our internationally-renowned research leaders have supported and inspired many students through to successful completion of their research higher degree. Your research training in SCMB will help you discover where your future direction might lie, will equip you with the professional skills to give you excellent choices, and will provide you with a strong foundation on which to build your chosen career. 

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How do I apply?

Review the SCMB Research Themes to identify a potential advisor Contact a potent...

Scholarships & Financial Support

Local research higher degree students do not pay tuition fees. International students are liable for tuition fees. Fees and costs UQ Scholarships The UQ Graduate Sc...

SCMB Research Travel Awards

Research Collaboration Travel Awards SCMB Francine Kroesen Travel Fellowship Established in memory of Francine Kroesen, a research assistant and PhD student in polymer c...

What our students and graduates say

Read some testimonials by students and graduates of Higher Degrees by Research at the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.

What to expect

Hard work, challenge, fun, frustration, the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of producing a piece of original research and knowing that you are making a real contribution towards addressing key challenges in our changing w...

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