Microbes and human health...
Microbiology is a foundation science that underpins the study of infectious diseases and the ongoing threat they pose to human health.
This course describes the importance of infectious diseases in individuals, populations and communities. It covers the way microbes cause disease (pathogenesis), how they are transmitted, their spread within the population, and the mechanisms of control. A feature of the course is the presentation of different topics by specialist lecturers in the fields of pathogen research, clinical microbiology, epidemiology, genomics and public health.
What do I do in this course?
MICR3001 provides a comprehensive overview of how some microbes cause infectious disease. Key topics covered include:
  • the mechanism of pathogenesis of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens in the context of the individual patient including; transmission, colonisation, pathogenesis, treatment and outcomes for a selection of example infections.
  • the concepts of viral, bacterial and fungal disease within the human population including; foodborne, waterborne, bloodborne, vectorborne, nosocomial, zoonotic, and STD infections.
  • methods of disease control including: vaccines, disease eradication programs, antibiotics and the genetics of antibiotics resistance, environmental control of disease.
  • emerging infectious diseases including: definitions, factors leading to disease emergence, monitoring and intervention strategies.
  • bioterrorism and bioweapons: historical perspective, current situation, future threats.
Career relevance of this course:
Microbial science is an exciting, cutting edge discipline.
Infectious disease research continues to be important in the biomedical sciences, particularly with the ever-growing cohort of immunocompromised individuals in our population. The World Health Organisation currently views infectious disease as the major ongoing threat to global human health.
Program planning advice:
MICR3001 is compulsory in the Microbiology major and in the Immunology & Infectious Diseases stream in the Biomedical Science major.

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