The discovery and investigation of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use...
Medicinal or Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a discipline which combines chemistry (synthetic, organic, analytical, physical) and pharmacology and deals with the design and development of pharmaceutical drugs. Medicinal chemistry also studies the biological properties of existing drugs and their structure activity relationships (QSAR).
A user friendly, reliable delivery system is essential for the success of peptide-based drugs. Currently, there are many peptides and proteins that have the potential to be developed as new medicines. However, a lack of oral absorption and poor in vivo stability are major hurdles that must first be overcome, before any of these peptides or proteins will reach the clinic.
The course also deals with novel drug-delivery systems for the oral administration of poorly absorbed or biologically unstable drugs including peptides, genes and vaccines. .
What do I do in this course?
CHEM3008 provides the platform knowledge for understanding the drug-like properties of a potential medicine and the way to convert a high affinity ligand to an actual medicine and its link to biotechnology and medical science.
The course deals with:
  • Basic medicinal chemistry
  • Drug discovery
  • Assays
  • Screening
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Lead compounds
  • Structure activity relationships
  • Biotransformations of medicinal compounds
  • Drug delivery
Career relevance of this course:
Medicinal chemistry is an exciting, cutting edge discipline.
Medicinal Chemistry is central to the medical research and the pharmaceutical industry.
Program planning advice:
In conjunction with CHEM3001 – Synthesis and Mechanism in Organic Chemistry; CHEM3004 – Determination of Molecular Structure; CHEM3007 – Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology; CHEM3010 – Bio-Inorganic Chemistry; and CHEM3011 – Physical and Computational Chemistry, CHEM3008 is a course recommended by the course coordinator for inclusion in the Chemistry major and the Materials and Nanotechnology stream of the Chemical Sciences dual major. CHEM3008 is compulsory in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology stream of the Chemical Sciences dual major.
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