Parasites have always threathened the lives and well-being of humans and their domestic animals...
There are three types of infectious organisms in medicine: bacteria, viruses and parasites. Biomedical Parasitology deals with the three main types of parasites: the protozoa, helminths (worms) and arthropods.
Parasites have always threatened the lives and well being of humankind. Intriguingly, such threats are no less now than they were 100 years ago when parasitology began at UQ. Indeed, the re-emergence over the last 10 years of parasitic diseases like malaria, schistosomiasis, trypanosomiasis, pediculosis (infection with head lice) and the development of drug-resistance in roundworms and arthropods have shocked many governments and international health agencies into action.
Parasitism is by far the most common way of life on earth. So the ubiquity of parasites in medicine ensures demand for graduates with knowledge in biomedical parasitology. Indeed, despite the optimism of the 18th and 19th centuries that science would rid humankind of parasites, parasites are just as great a threat today as they were then.
What do I do in this course?
In Biomedical Parasitology students use contemporary techniques in molecular, cellular & population biology for the diagnosis, treatment & control of parasites. The evolution of resistance to drugs in parasites, vaccines and novel therapies are also covered. Emphasis is give to hands-on practical work.
Career relevance of this course:
An appreciation of the diseases caused by parasites is essential for medical professionals.
Expertise in parasitology improves the employment prospects of medical professionals.
Program planning advice:
PARA3002 in its new format will be offered for the first time in second semester 2010.  PARA3002 is recommended by the course coordinator fro inclusion in the Microbiology major.

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