Molecular and genetic approaches to uncovering biological networks...
Recently developed molecular and genetic technologies are allowing us to ask new questions in biological research. This course describes these new approaches, particularly the utility of large-scale high-throughput technologies/nanotechnologies that are used in conjunction with cross-disciplinary and integrative methodologies in determining biological networks.
Molecular systems biology is an integrative discipline that seeks to explain the properties and behaviour of complex biological systems in terms of their molecular components and their interactions.
What do I do in this course?
BIOC3005 provides specialist knowledge of high-throughput technologies for uncovering biological networks, and is of relevance to all fields of modern biological science. The course has a very strong technology element:
  • Learn about modern, high-throughput molecular and genetic technologies/nanotechnologies that are revolutionizing biological research.
  • Develop an understanding of the new ‘omics’ vocabulary.
  • Develop an understanding of the limitations of non-integrative approaches, and how a systems approach can complement the reductionist approach in biological research.
  • Gain experience and competency in complex data analysis and its presentation.
  • Gain an appreciation of how modeling can be used to study complex cellular and intercellular networks. 
Career relevance of this course:
Molecular systems biology is a 21st century approach for studying biological networks.
It is widely held that the 21st century will be the century of biotechnology. This optimism is supported by rapidly emerging molecular and genetic technologies/nanotechnologies. It is now possible to take a systems approach to study complex molecular networks that exist within cells and within multicellular organisms. This course is relevant to all areas of modern biological research, and would be essential for students contemplating a research career in molecular genetics.
Program planning advice:
BIOC3005 is offered for the first time in second semester 2010.

In conjunction with BIOC3000, BIOC3003 and BIOL3014, BIOC3005 is recommended by the course coordinator for students planning a research career in molecular genetics.  It is recommended by course coordinator for inclusion in the
Chemical Sciences dual major (Chemistry and Chemical Biology stream), the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major and the Molecular Genetics stream of the Genetics major.

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