Chemistry is the enabling science...
Chemistry is an experimental discipline that is at the core of many fields of cutting edge scientific research. Modern chemistry is a 'cross disciplinary' field that includes such diverse areas as materials science, nanotechnology and much of biology.
CHEM2054 is a laboratory and lectorial course that provides a broad introduction to the experimental techniques and skills that are necessary for a career in chemistry.  Lectorials cover key skills in spectroscopic techniques, chemical separations, electrochemistry and the ethics of Chemistry.
What do I do in this course?

CHEM2054 provides the basic laboratory skills required for upper level undergraduate courses. The course has a mixture of laboratory reports and an end-of-semester examination. The student will:

  • develop skills in laboratory techniques and develop core generic skills in synthetic and experimental chemistry
  • develop core laboratory competencies (to be continued in the 3rd year course CHEM3016)
  • perform chemical syntheses that will train you in particular advanced experimental bench techniques
  • gain experience in modern chemical instrumentation
  • be able to concisely communicate the results of experiments in written lab reports
  • understand the underlying chemistry in the reactions being studied
  • be able to interpret and assign spectra of compounds
  • appreciate the many factors that can affect an experiment, and to be able to recognize and ‘trouble-shoot’ experimental difficulties.
Career relevance of this course:
Develop essential laboratory skills in chemical science.
Chemistry is central to many scientific industries and includes areas such as forensics, quality control, analytical chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Even if you choose not to specialize in chemistry, some background in chemistry is seen as essential in many scientific occupations.
Program planning advice:
It is recommended that students take CHEM2050 as a companion course, preferably in the same semester.  CHEM2054 is a pre-requisite to the capstone 3rd level course CHEM3016 that is required for a BSc Chemistry major.  It is compulsory for the Chemistry major and the Chemical Sciences dual majors.  This is a useful course to include in the Biophysics dual major and would also be a useful elective course with CHEM2050 for Biomedical Science students.

CHEM2054 leads to:

  • CHEM3001 Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM3010 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM3016 Advanced Experimental Chemistry

For an official description of this course, including prerequisites and contact hours, and for the official rules of programs, including majors requirements, see the UQ Programs & Courses website.