The recent Graduation Celebration Afternoon Tea, held on 19 July 2016, celebrated the achievements of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences who were graduating this semester.

Photos of the event can be viewed on the School’s Facebook page.

Mr Ralph Patrick and Miss Tegan Stockdale were guest speakers at the event. Here are their stories.

Bioinformatics PhD graduate lands research job through conference networking during studies

An honours year project at UQ and a fascination with the field of bioinformatics inspired Ralph Patrick to continue his research by undertaking a PhD.

“I did an honours project under Associate Professor Mikael Boden, and was keen to continue on doing a PhD project with him as well,” Mr Patrick said.

“I enjoy being in the field of bioinformatics, where you get to be at the intersection of biology and computer science.

“What attracted me to pursuing bioinformatics, was that in some ways it’s the best of both the worlds.

“You get to do computer science on some really interesting biological problems and data, and of course you’re pursuing research in biology, but without actually working in the wet-lab.”

Mr Patrick said that particularly in genetics at the moment, the technological developments are allowing for huge amounts of new and exciting data to be generated.

“Bioinformatics plays a critical role in the development of methods for analysing such data,” he said.

Besides benefitting by being at the forefront of bioinformatics research, Mr Patrick was also presented with several opportunities to travel during his PhD studies – an experience that he enjoyed tremendously.

Networking was another big benefit that Mr Patrick reaped from attending conferences during his PhD studies.

“It was actually through meeting people at a conference that led me to obtaining the post-doc position that I have currently -- so networking is worth the effort,” he said.

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Image: Ralph Patrick on his graduation day, at the SCMB Graduation Celebration Afternoon Tea.

Dual laws and science graduate shares her key to success

tegan stockdaleFor Tegan Stockdale, diving in and studying hard was only part of her formula to achieve a successful experience at UQ.

Besides striving for academic excellence, this Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science graduate also advocates the importance of social experience in university life.

“Join the clubs and societies, go on exchange, become a tutor,” Miss Stockdale said.

“Balance and time management are key.”

During her undergraduate studies, Miss Stockdale received numerous awards in both law and science, including the Dr M.H.M Kidwai Memorial Prize (2011) for the highest mark in Administrative Law, the Howden Saggers Lawyers Prize in Criminal Procedure (2012), Susan Hamilton Second Year Biochemistry Prize (2013), and TGH Jones Award for Academic Excellence in Chemistry (2014).

However, it was her undergraduate research experience, while studying a dual major in chemistry and biochemistry in her science degree, that inspired her to choose to do an Honours year in 2015.

As for her future plans, Miss Stockdale will be commencing her PhD in Chemistry with Professor James De Voss.

“I would eventually like to work internationally, in lecturing and researching,” she said.

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Image: Tegan Stockdale at the SCMB Graduation Celebration Afternoon Tea. Miss Stockdale graduated with a First Class Honours degree on that day.

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