The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences seeks to improve gender balance in all  aspects of its activities.

This includes in our profiles of student enrolments in various programs and of staff appointments at various levels and roles.

This page will be developed as the School assesses its standing on gender balance and introduces initiatives to address imbalances.


Research Seminar Program Gender Balance commitment

The seminar committee endeavours to achieve gender balance through the appointment of seminar convenors and in the choice of invitations to high quality speakers that is in line with the gender representation levels of our research community.

Year Chemistry seminar series Molecular Biosciences seminar series
Convenor's gender % female speakers % male speakers Convenor's gender % female speakers % male speakers
2017 Female 39 61 Male 45 55
2016 Female 35 65 Female 41 59
2015 Female  27 73 Female 42 58
2014  Male (sem 1); Female (sem 2)  13 87  Male (sem 1); Female (sem 2) 41 59
 2013  Male  11 89 Female (sem 1; Male (sem 2)  22 78


Profiling SCMB Women in Science

For International Women's Day 2016 and again in 2017 and 2018, a number of SCMB researchers were profiled on social media and the School's website.