Studies in Chemistry and/or Molecular Biosciences provide not only a valuable core skill set, but can lead to really interesting jobs.

Chemistry is the central science, encompassing the synthesis and study of molecules and materials, the exploration of their properties and the development of ways to use them in real life.

Biochemistry and molecular biology is the study of the chemical basis of life and underpins all disciplines of biology. Genetics, more than any other discipline, is transforming modern biology.

Microbiology is the study of microscopic living organisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa, and their impact on all aspects of life, from medicine to environmental sustainability.

Biotechnology applies scientific and engineering principles to living organisms in order to generate products and services of value to society.

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Postgraduate coursework programs

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Biotechnology at UQ


The Honours program is a one-year program that enhances employment opportunities and provides direct entry to postgraduate training. You will pursue formal coursework and an individual research project under the supervision of a member of the SCMB academic staff or a suitably qualified external supervisor.

International students

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences welcomes students from other countries to study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. You can read about the School's internationalisation focus here

Postgraduate Coursework Programs

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences is UQ's provider of graduate studies in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Parasitology.  Around 200 postgraudate students enrol in...

Primary and secondary school activities

There are a number of activities available to school students and teachers inte...

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences is UQ's provider of studies in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Parasitology.  More than 6,000 undergraudate students enrol ...

What our graduates say

A selection of graduate testimonials.

What our students say

A selection of student testimonials.
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