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Jack Clegg wins a Prime Minister's Science Prize

Awarded 2018 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year.

Chemistry bursary fuels cancer treatment dreams

Honours student benefits from industry donor's generosity.

Internship leads to career success for UQ alumnus

Biotech student's internship leads to great job with global company, as enrolments grow steadily.

Shark research inspires creative artwork

Prof Ross Barnard's intersecting scientific and artistic talents recognised in publication.

Vigilance urged in scarlet fever outbreaks

AIDRC's Professor Mark Walker co-authors study with China CDC to better understand why epidemics having deeper impact.

International team names UQ lake microbe after indigenous name for the local waterways

ACE microbiologist Margaret Butler, previously a PhD student of Emeritus Professor John Fuerst, isolated the bacterium.

SCMB Honours student is UQ Valedictorian

Joseph Lovie Toon delivers speech at December 2017 Science graduation ceremony.

Gong for glycogen groundwork

Dr Ben Schulz has been awarded a 2017 UQ research excellence award for his diabetes work.

SCMB professional staff make a difference in Africa

Staff development activity not just about corporate objectives but saving lives.

UQ achieves ranking success in Biotechnology research

UQ's Biotechnology Program, proudly administered by SCMB, is one of the best in the world.

Decade's work facilitates future breakthroughs

Prof Phil Hugenholtz sees fruition of project that identified 1,000 new genomes.

Quest for better beer hops ahead

SCMB Phd student Ed Kerr of the Ben Schulz group wins Advance Qld scholarship with Newstead Brewing Co.

Join the March for Science!

Show you care about science's place in public discourse at the peaceful Brisbane family rally Saturday 22 April.

Could anti-cancer drugs be produced in tobacco?

SCMB's Dr Michael Landsberg is part of a research team showing how plant nanoparticles could deliver therapy to diseased cells.

Celebrating SCMB women in science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science was 11 February. See some of SCMB's women making a mark in science.

New study shows how plants fight off disease

Prof Bostjan Kobe part of group looking at role of immune protein receptor signals.

Boost for research on new light-emitting material and detection of chemical warfare agents

Professor Paul Burn has been awarded two new ARC Discovery Projects valued at more than $1.3M.

Climate change discovery

ACE scientists find and name a major group of organisms contributing to climate change.

Can Vegemite be used to brew beer?

SCMB biochemist Ben Schulz found that it can be, but you need other ingredients.

SCMB professional staff help those less fortunate

A team building activity held recently will help amputees in the developing world.

Student award winners announced

SCMB's top-performing students for 2015 and RHD travel award winners for 2016 received their prizes at a recent ceremony.

ARC research grant success

Linkage, Laureate and Industrial Transformation Training Centre grants awarded.

Two SCMB staff awarded UQ Fellowships

Research and teaching in organometallic chemistry and biophysics are the winners.

Beating Zika

SCMB virologists with strong track record part of Queensland team fighting Zika virus.

Top tutors from second semester 2015 honoured

SCMB's best tutors receive awards for their efforts.

SCMB postgraduate coursework scholarship winners announced

Winners in the latest round of the School's India and Latin America tuition fee assistance scholarships welcomed.

International postgraduate coursework scholarships

50% tuition fee scholarships now available to masters applicants from India and Latin America.

UQ at World Science Festival Brisbane

Check out the events UQ is holding as part of the festival.

Dengue research gets Gates grant

Paul Young's group co-recipient of Bill & Melinda Gates grant to develop portable tool to detect disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Top 1 percent highly cited researchers

Three Faculty of Science researchers and a senior University of Queensland administrator are among UQ academics named in the top 1 per cent of most hig...

SCMB experts comment on Vegemite alcohol claims

Recent media claims that Vegemite is a sly grog component used in some indigenous communities is put to the test.

Gene Tyson wins prestigious ASM Frank Fenner Award

SCMB's Gene Tyson has received the 2015 ASM Frank Fenner award.

Academic prize winners honoured

SCMB's top-performing students for 2014 and RHD travel award winners for 2015 received their prizes at a recent ceremony.

Ebola breakthrough by Khromykh lab

An experimental Ebola vaccine made using an Australian virus called Kunjin might help in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

Recently Discovered Microbe is Key Player in Climate Change

Discovery helps distinguish methane released to atmosphere as being from natural or human activities.

Metals in Biology Symposium

The 2014 Symposium of the Centre for Metals in Biology will be held 24 June at the AIBN.

Published in 'Science'

SCMB researchers in team that discovers that protein regulating how tall you grow could be used to fight cancer and diabetes.

Straddie camp enriches student and academic relations

SCMB students and staff take a trip to North Stradbroke Island.

2013 Biochemistry Alumni Lecture

On 5 December, Professor F Peter Guengerich, of Vanderbilt University, will speak at UQ.

Reunion for Honours Graduates 1995-2004

Socialise with old friends and meet current staff and students and hear about our current research.

Testimonial – SCMB Graduate, Therese Seldon

From UQ to Director of Product Development of an international biosciences company.

‘Honours in Industry’ project is a win-win-win for a student, a company and for UQ

Qi Qi He decided in her undergraduate studies to do Honours as a way to obtain research and other skills valued by employers.

Open Day 2013

On Sunday 4 August, The University of Queensland will welcome visitors to its St Lucia campus.

2013 TGH Jones Memorial Lecture

Peter Wipf presented "Better Mitochondria through Imine Addition Chemistry" on 15 July.

2013 Skerman Lecture

Norman Pace delivered "Into the Natural Microbial World: Metagenomics and the Tree of Life" on 3 July.

Student Testimonial - Nicole Silajew

At the end of her Bachelor of Science, Nicole reflected upon her studies.

We are on Facebook!

Our page lets staff and students connect with each other and with issues in science.

Courses in 2013

You have lots of options for second and third level courses at the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.

Industry connections strengthened at breakfast event

More than 30 industry partners joined their SCMB staff colleagues for breakfast at Hillstone St Lucia, 31 May.

Science Research Experience for undergraduates

Looking to enhance your degree with some research experience?

Special Seminar in Infectious Diseases Research

An old enemy, a new battle plan: Combating malaria in the genomic era (15 March)

Courses to take in 2012

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences has an exciting range of second and third level courses.

2011 Dillon Steele Lecture

All are invited to today's lecture, entitled "Preventing and Curing Infectious Diseases: Carbohydrate Vaccines and Continuous Flow Synthesis"

Celebrating 50 years of Biochemistry at UQ

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of a Department of Biochemistry at The University of Queensland.

Study overseas as part of your science degree

Apply before 31 October to study in one of 39 countries.

2nd and 3rd year courses 2011

Which undergraduate 2nd and 3rd level SCMB courses are offered in 2011?

Upcoming School Seminars

Get the details for this week's seminars outlining the latest research in our fields. All are welcome.
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