Project duration:

Number of students for this project:

4-5 weeks



This project will use sophisticated computer simulations to study how certain types of drugs interact with other biological molecules. The aim of the project is to understand how the structure of a potential drug molecule influences how strongly it associates with its intended target. This determines how effective the molecule might be as a therapy. The insights gained from this project will help to design new drug leads.


Suitable academic background:

This project is open to applications from UQ enrolled students at who have studied organic chemistry at 3rd year level and have an interest in biological, organic, and theoretical chemistry.


Skills obtained in the project:

Skills in molecular modelling, a knowledge of quantum chemistry, and experience in the use of a high-performance supercomputer.


Primary Supervisor:


Dr Elizabeth Krenske


Further info:

Interested students are encouraged to email Dr Elizabeth Krenske ( to discuss the project.