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Below are the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences' course offerings at second and third level for 2012. 

Students moving from first to second year can keep their career options open by gaining more experience in the core molecular disciplines.  The courses provide a strong foundation in biochemistry & molecular biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, immunology and chemistry - knowledge that lies at the core of many of the science jobs available.

If you are considering a future in molecular bioscience, chemistry or medicine, strong training in core molecular disciplines is essential.  The key courses are not restricted to the biological sciences.  Chemistry, for example, is known as the central science because chemistry knowledge assists understanding in many areas of the biological and biomedical sciences.  Additionally, there is a shortage of qualified chemists - graduates are in strong demand and salaries are rising.

Biotechnology is another expanding industry, gaining increasing recognition for its contribution to the economy.  Australia is now known as the biotechnology hub of South-East Asia and Brisbane is playing a major role.  Biotechnology combines disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

Second-level courses available in 2012:

First Semester

Second Semester

 CHEM2050  Chemical Reactions & Mechanisms  CHEM2002 Physical Chemistry
 CHEM2054  Experimental Chemistry  CHEM2052  Chemical Biology
 BIOC2000  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  CHEM2056 Physical Chemistry for Engineering
 BIOL2200 Cell Structure & Function  BIOL2202 Genetics
 SCIE2100*  Introduction to Bioinformatics  BIOT2002 Issues in Biotechnology
 (*was COSC2000)  MICR2000 Microbiology & Immunology

Third-level courses available in 2012:

First Semester

Second Semester

 CHEM3001  Synthesis & Mechanism in Organic Chemistry  CHEM3008 Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
 CHEM3004 Determination of Molecular Structure  CHEM3011  Physical & Computational Chemistry
 CHEM3010  Inorganic Chemistry  CHEM3014 NanoScience: Synthesis
 CHEM3013 NanoScience: Self-Assembly  CHEM3016  Advanced Experimental Chemistry
 BIOC3000  Biomolecular Structure & Function  BIOC3003 Human Molecular Genetics & Disease
 BIOL3003 Advanced Immunology  BIOC3005  Molecular Systems Biology
 BIOL3004 Genomics & Bioinfomatics  BIOL3014 Advanced Bioinformatics
 BIOL3006 Molecular Cell Biology  MICR3001 Microbes & Human Health
 BIOL3230 Endocrinology & Metabolism  MICR3004 Microbial Diversity & Biotechnology
 MICR3002 Virology  BIOT3004 Commercialisation of Biotechnology
 MICR3003 Molecular Microbiology  PARA3002  Biomedical Parasitology
 SCIE3261 Introduction to Research in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Microbiology  SCIE3261 Introduction to Research in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Microbiology

Summer Semester 2012-13:  SCIE3260  Vacation Project in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Microbiology

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