The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences (SCMB) has achieved strongly in the ARC and NHMRC research grant rounds announced October 2009 and in the ARC Future Fellowship round announced September.

In the Australian Research Council schemes, SCMB's George Vamvounis was awarded an Australian Research Fellowship.  The School achieved a success rate of 38% in Discovery grants (counting all grants with an SCMB Chief Investigator) or 23% (for grants administered by SCMB).  These figures compare to a national overall success rate of 22.7% (22% in the Biological Sciences and Biotechnology fields) and a UQ success rate of 26.5%.  The value of the SCMB grants is more than $2.7M.

A National Health & Medical Research Council Research Fellowship was awarded to Professor Mark Walker, who will be joining SCMB from the University of Wollongong in April 2010.  Dr Katryn Stacey, joining SCMB from the UQ Institute for Molecular Bioscience, was awarded a Career Development Award.  A success rate of 30% was achieved for other NHMRC grants administered by the School, worth more than $3.5M.  SCMB staff are involved in six grants administered outside UQ, worth another $4.75M.

The successes follow on from an announcement in September that Associate Professor Michael Monteiro, jointly appointed with SCMB and the Australian Institute for Biotechnology & Nanotechnology, and Dr Stacey been awarded prestigious Future Fellowships by the ARC.   Assoc Prof Monteiro will undertake a project entitled Transformer 3D Nanostructures: Stimuli Responsive Polymers, while Dr Stacey's project is entitled Foreign DNA is a danger signal for mammalian cells.

Head of School, Professor Alastair McEwan, congratulated grant and fellowship recipients on their success and expressed pride in the School's growing research performance.

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