Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are voluntary weekly interactive study sessions for small groups of first year students.
Students are able to work in small groups, socialise, ask questions and seek information from their peers and from the PASS Leaders.

The PASS Leaders are engaging and enthusiastic students who have previously obtained a high mark for the course that they are tutoring.

PASS is currently offered in the following subjects:

  • Semester 1: CHEM1090, CHEM1100, CHEM1200
  • Semester 2: CHEM1100, CHEM1200, CHEM1221, CHEM1222
  • Summer Semester: CHEM1200

The PASS office can be contacted on

How do I attend PASS?

All information regarding sign-on for PASS, location and timetable can be found on the PASS Folder of each Chemistry Course on BlackBoard Learn.

You may attend as many PASS tutorials a week as you like.

It is important to keep attending PASS so that you receive the full learning benefits.

What can I expect from my PASS Leaders?

PASS leaders are trained to guide you through the process of studying for a University subject.

They are high achieving students, receiving a 6 or 7 in the subject they are tutoring, and have recently completed the subject, so are knowledgeable in the issues students may have with the course.

PASS leaders are not tutors or lecturers, and as such will not tend to give answers, but instead help you to arrive at your own conclusions.

What are my responsibilities as a PASS students?

As a student, you must come prepared to study. It is not the leader's job to "teach" you, but rather to guide you through your own University study experience and help you find the neccessary skills associated with excelling at University.

You should take charge of your Study Session - if you don't like an activity or want to do something the leaders aren't doing - let the leaders know.

How do I apply to become a PASS Leader?

We welcome applications from students who:

  • have recently completed the course, or an equivalent, for which they are applying
  • have achieved a grade 6 or 7 for the relevant course
  • have regularly attended PASS as a student
  • are willing to attend one day of training during O-Week of the semester for which they are applying

Complete and submit the appropriate online application below.

PASS Leader application Semester 1

PASS Leader application Semester 2 

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