Applying chemical prinicples to biological systems...
Biophysical Chemistry lies at the interface of the chemical and biological sciences. The functions of biological systems are governed by the laws of the chemical sciences; the thermodynamic and kinetic principles which are at the heart of chemistry also drive biology.
This course introduces students to the concepts of chemistry allowing them to gain molecular and structural insights into the mechanisms of biological processes. It is a truly multidisciplinary course, at the interface of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and biophysics and should be considered as a fundamental course for any student considering major study in any of these discipline areas.
Topics in CHEM2002 will allow students to develop a thorough understanding of biological mechanisms at the molecular level.
What do I do in this course?
CHEM2002 provides the platform knowledge of chemistry that can be applied across a range of fields:
  • To understand substrate-enzyme interactions for the elucidation of molecular mechanisms.
  • To understand the fundamentals of spectroscopic techniques used extensively in biology and chemistry. 
  • To understand the structure and functions of macromolecules. 
  • To develop practical skills in quantitative biophysical chemistry necessary for advanced study in cognate and advanced courses.
Career relevance of this course:
In depth knowledge of biophysical chemistry is central for the disciplines of biochemistry, microbiology, biophysics and biological chemistry.
The 21st century has been called the century of the biological sciences. In order to be able to embrace completely the new discipline areas which are emerging at the interface between the physical and biological sciences, scientists need to have a strong grasp of the invariant chemical fundamentals. In addition, they will need well developed and flexible quantitative skills.

The fundamentals of CHEM2002 are embedded in the physical sciences but are applied to the Biological Sciences. The result is a course which is applicable to a broad range of discipline areas.
Program planning advice:
CHEM2002 is a recommended course in any area of study that explores the molecular basis of biological systems.
This course is recommended by the course coordinator for inclusion in the Chemistry major and is compulsory in the Chemical Sciences dual major. In combination with CHEM2050 or CHEM2052 as well as CHEM2054, CHEM2002 provides one of the three pillars that will support your future endeavours in the study of the molecular sciences. The addition of CHEM2056 provides the capstone enhancing your successful transition into all areas of the biological and physical sciences, including materials science and nanotechnology.

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