Centre for Metals in Biology

The Centre for Metals in Biology is a dynamic multidisciplinary research unit comprising more than 40 researchers from fourteen research groups at The University of Queensland. The members of the CMB share a common interest in the role of metal ions in biological systems. The research themes cover a broad spectrum that includes enzyme catalysis and mechanism, metalloprotein structure and function, the role metals in medicine and diseases.

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CMB - Collaborations

Members of the CMB are involved in collaborative research projects with the national and international research groups listed below. Dr Susan Bailey CCLRC Daresbury ...

CMB - Conferences & Societies

Conferences   Professional Societies American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Australian Society for Microbiology (

CMB - Equipment

Instrumentation CMB group leaders have led several successful ARC major equipment (LIEF, RIEF etc.) and UQ internal research infrastructure (RIBG) bids to purchase major equipment that is vital for our research. This equipment is summarise...

CMB - Group Leaders

Centre for Metals in Biology

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The principal contact personnel at the CMB can be contacted via the following email address cmb@scmb.uq.edu.au....