The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences (SCMB) has achieved strongly in the Australian Research Council grant rounds announced in October and November 2011.

The success rate was 41.2 per cent of grants administered by SCMB, which compares to a University of Queensland success rate of 29.68 per cent and a national success rate of 21.95 per cent.

UQ topped the nation in terms of the number of grants awarded.

Professor Philip Hugenholtz (pictured), of SCMB, was awarded $870,000 including a Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award for a study towards providing a complete view of life on earth via single cell genomics.

Genome sequencing has revolutionised biology, but for most microorganisms this revolution has not arrived because the majority cannot be grown in the laboratory.

This project will address this challenge by targeted sequencing of single cells from the environment.

An ARC Discovery Project grant of $700,000 was awarded to Professor Paul Burn and Professor Ian Gentle (both from SCMB) to look at diffusion, a key to performance in optoelectronic devices.

This project is in collaboration with Professor Michael James of ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation).

In the future, new types of displays, solar cells and sensors for explosives based on organic materials will be common.

This project will look at the movement of molecules between layers making up these devices.

Other School members on grants include:

ARC Future Fellowship

Dr Craig Williams: Developing a paradigm shift in new pharmaceutical and agrochemical design. $816,756.00

Dr Williams was also awarded a Discovery grant.

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Fellowships

Dr Megan O'Mara
Dr Florent Angly
Dr Almantas Pivrikas
Dr Paul Shaw

ARC Discovery Projects

Prof Paul Bernhardt
Dr Mikael Boden
Prof Paul Burn
A/Prof Roy Hall
& Phil Hugenholtz
Prof Bostjan Kobe
Dr Kate Stacey
Dr Craig Williams
A/Prof Bernie Carroll
Dr Renfu Shao
A/Prof Gary Schenk

ARC Linkage Project

A/Prof Roy Hall

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Scheme

Prof Philip Hugenholtz

Head of School, Professor Melissa Brown, congratulated grant and fellowship recipients on their success and expressed pride in the School's growing research performance.

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