Postdoctoral Researcher
Molecular Oncology Research Institute
Tufts University, Boston

PhD (Biochemistry and Cell Biology) 2013
Honours (Biochemistry) 2008
Bachelor of Science (Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics) 2007

Surrounded with dedicated, world-class researchers Ania Wronksi participates in a highly motivating and inspiring work environment.

Within one week of submitting her PhD at UQ, Ania boarded a flight to Boston to begin work at Tufts University, home to a world-renowned breast cancer laboratory.

As a Postdoctoral Researcher, Ania conducts cutting-edge research on a daily basis.

“Over the past several years, genome sequencing has led to unparalleled, multifaceted analysis of the genetic and molecular landscape of human cancer, in particular breast cancer,” she said.

“Perhaps the most exciting potential of this new personalised medicine era is the ability to tailor drugs towards the characteristics of an individual’s tumour.”

“The aim of my project is to identify the potential pathways which are required for tumors initiate in the body and grow.”

Ania says if they can identify the genetic alterations which can transform cells into a malignant state, her team could provide new in innovative ways to treat this aggressive disease.

Though what she loves most is the freedom her career provides.

“So much critical and amazing research is happening in Boston and just being here in the midst of it all is an honour!” she said.

“I love the freedom I am given to pursue my own ideas and hypotheses. It is definitely a self-motivating career path!”

To gain her job overseas, Ania worked hard but felt her education from UQ positioned her as leading candidate.

“I found my job prior graduation and actually had several job offers. My UQ education was definitely viewed favourably, particularly overseas,” she said.

“UQ is highly regarded as a prestigious institution, which helps to shape diligent and quality researchers.”

Ania was a high achieving student bagging a Deans Commendation for High Achievement, Biochemistry Alumni Award and Tutor Excellence Award.

During her time at UQ, Ania relished public speaking opportunities and was a finalist in the 2010 Faculty of Science 3 Minute Thesis Competition.

Image: Ania Wronski

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