Project title: 

Alternative sigma factors in H. influenzae


Project duration:

4-6 weeks



Alternative sigma factors coordinate bacterial stress responses and are essential to enable them to respond to changing environmental condition, such as interactions with host cells for pathogens.

We have discovered that during host cell interactions several uncharacterized alternative sigma factors are highly expressed in H. influenzae, and this project will aim to start exploring their role in coordinating H. influenzae host cell interactions by creating gene knockout mutations and studying their effects of bacterial survival.


Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Learn how to create a gene knockout mutation in Haemophilus influenzae, conduct a survey of alternative sigma factors present in H. influenzae and their likely mode of action.




Suitable for:

This project is open to students with a background in molecular biology and microbiology/ biochemistry.  It can be tailored to candidates at different levels of experience.


Primary Supervisor:


A/Prof. Ulrike Kappler


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