Assoc Prof Lawrie Gahan and Dr Gwen Lawrie are winners of an Australian Learning & Teaching Council competitive grant for their project ‘IS-IT learning?  Online Interdisciplinary Scenario-Inquiry Tasks for active learning in large, first year STEM courses.’

Project leaders Lawrie and Gwen are joined by team members  Peter Adams (Associate Dean, Academic, Faculty of Science), Kelly Matthews (UQ Science Student Experience Officer), Lydia Kavanagh (School of Engineering), Philip Long (Centre for Educational Innovation & Technology and formerly of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Gabriela Weaver (Purdue University, USA).

The project involves the development of active learning experiences which simultaneously address the diverse needs of the large 1st year chemistry cohorts and engage them in deeper learning. The ‘IS-IT’ tasks progress over a number of weeks, integrated with the lecture program and scaffolded by strategic activities placed within peer-assisted study sessions (PASS). They will be presented online, supported by the IS-IT management system software, allowing students to work on the tasks face-to-face and remotely. 

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