Can I contact a potential advisor direct before I apply? 

Yes. Make it clear how their research aligns with your area of interest and experience. Keep your email short, courteous, and to the point; include key information: academic transcripts, curriculum vitae, publications and details of any relevant experience or skills.

Can I apply before I meet the English language requirements?

Yes, your application can be assessed based on your academic record and CV, but any offer you receive will be conditional on meeting the UQ English Language Proficiency Requirements.

I have submitted my application. What now?

Once all your application materials are received, your application will be assessed by the SCMB RHD Studies Committee who will forward a recommendation to the UQ Graduate School for the approval of the Dean. The UQ Graduate School will advise you of the outcome by email. You can expect to hear back about acceptance into the PhD or MPhil program four to six weeks after receipt of your complete application.

What about my scholarship application?

Your application for scholarship will be considered in the first scholarship round after you met any outstanding requirements (such as providing English Language Profeciency documentation).

  • All eligible applications are reviewed and short-listed by the SCMB RHD Studies Committee
  • Short-listed applications are nominated for the next stage of selection at the UQ Graduate School
  • The UQ Graduate School scholarship committee reviews all nominated applications and selects the most competitive for scholarship award. 
  • The UQ Graduate School advises applications of the outcome.