Professor Paul Rainey of Massey University, New Zealand, has delivered the 2010 Skerman Lecture, on the theme of evolutionary genetics.Professor Paul Rainey discusses his work

The lecture, which took place at the Queensland Brain Institute on 18 February, was attended by approximately 170 staff, students and friends of SCMB.

Professor Rainey's lecture was entitled "Inevitability and Evolution", in which he addresed the question of the repeatability of evolution.

"(The) molecular  variation presented to selection is a biased subset of all possible variations", said Professor Rainey.

He argued that this bias arises from "the fact that certain loci, on account of specific functionalities and regulatory connectivities, have an enhanced capacity to translate mutation into phenotypic variation."

Professor Rainey is the latest in a long line of distinguished international guests to deliver the annual Skerman Lecture.

It recognises the contribution of Professor Vic Skerman to the development of Microbiology at The University of Queensland; he was Foundation Chair of Microbiology and was Head of Department for well over 20 years.

For more details, visit the Skerman Lecture page.

Picture: Professor Paul Rainey discusses his work